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Welcome to a new Legislative Day in the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria! Senate President, Dr. Ahmad Lawan led the Principal Officers into the chambers; took the official prayers; and began the day’s proceedings at 10:13am. ‪Senator Yusuf Yusuf moved for the approval of votes and proceedings of Wednesday, 25th September 2019. Senator Isa Shuaibu seconded.‬ EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATION 1. ‪Senate President, Dr. Ahmad Lawan read a letter from Mr. President on the request for confirmation of appointment of Adeleke Moronfolu as Executive Commissioner of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).‬ 2. Executive Communication: That the Senate do consider the request of Mr. President C-in-C on the 2020-2022 Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and Fiscal Strategy Paper (FSP) in accordance with the Fiscal Responsibility Act 2007 by Senate Leader. Minority Leader seconded. Senate President, Dr. Ahmad Lawan referred the executive communication to the Committee on Finance and National Planning to report in a week. CONSIDERATION OF A REPORT 1. Report of the Ad-hoc Committee on the 9th Senate Legislative Agenda by Senator Adamu Aliero. “Agricultural sector will play a major role in taking Nigerians out of poverty. We should have legislations that will support agricultural growth and productivity.”- Senator Aliyu Sabi. “We want our people to be involved globally in our daily activities so they can understand what we are doing and I commend the media unit of the Nigerian Senate.”- Senator Chukwuka Utazi. “On the issue of the Petroleum Industry Bill, I am asking that the Senate President uses his experience to make sure the Bill is passed.”- Senator Chukwuka Utazi. "We should work actively in ensuring speedy dispensation of justice in Nigeria. We need to address expeditious determination of cases. We are sitting on keg of gunpowder if we do not address the issue of unemployment.”- Senator Ajibola Basiru. “I want to dwell on the need to diversify our economy; we can use the instrument of agriculture and solid minerals to diversify the economy. We must ensure that agricultural and mining sectors are revived. Agriculture and solid minerals will bring inclusiveness.”- Senator Ibikunle Amosun. “We need to work very consciously on the need to improve relationship within the three arms of government”- Senator Bamidele Opeyemi. “The area of revenue must be visited. We must come up with revenue legislation that will bar revenue agencies from illegally spending their revenues so we can have enough money in the coffers of the government to fund the budget. The Auditor General of the Federation’s Office is designed to fail because there is no budget allocated to it.”- Senator Matthew Urhoghide. “We cannot move as a people except we are united, we are divided and too ethnic conscious . There must be a deliberate plan through our legislative agenda to unite us as a people. We need to look into the educational sector as most of our schools do not have adequate facilities.”- Senator Dino Melaye. “The Senate Committees must be out for proper oversight; the Senate Committees must have the capacity to rescue this country. We must digitalize this Chamber and introduce ICT to all our operations.”- Senator Dino Melaye. “This Senate should focus on security and agriculture. We need to pay attention on small scale industry. This Senate should shut down some parastatals. We have over 1000 parastatals and we are creating more. We should have small government and big entreprise so we can be able to move forward.”- Senator Orji kalu. “The Senate’s agenda should be about the people and nothing but the people. There must be team work between the arms of government; our laws must change; our styles must change. We have to adopt a new method in approaching issues in this country.”- Senator Rochas Okorocha. “We must ask Mr. President what he wants for Nigeria so we can make laws in that direction. We have to as a nation understand that all is not well with our country, the country will have faith in this Senate if we imbibe the spirit of sacrifice.”- Senator Rochas Okorocha. “Our agenda must include the devolution of power especially to address the issue of insecurity.”- Senator Rochas Okorocha. “If people are aware of what the Senate is doing I think it would allow people to change their perception. It is very important for the work of Committees to be more visible on social media platforms.”- Senator Hadejia Ibrahim. “We have to do much about agriculture in Nigeria. Senate should imbibe transparency in its oversight functions. Senate Committees should be well funded so it can carry out its functions effectively. Projects must be well tracked to make sure their purposes are met.”- Senator Ibrahim Gobir. “We must achieve local government financial autonomy; on infrastructure, we should maintain the ones we have and focus more on maintenance than starting new ones. We need to urgently amend our electoral act.”- Senator Uche Ekwunife. “On corruption, we need to know who is a corrupt Nigerian, we must discuss this as a major impediment to our growth.”- Senator Uche Ekwunife. “We should prevent the incessant monetizing of employment in various MDAs.”- Senator Danjuma Laah. “All our challenges emanate from indiscipline, we are an indisciplined society.”- Senator Oriolowo Adeyemi. “There should be good Federal Housing Authority (FHA). The current FHA has no allocation and are struggling to achieve their aims. This 9th Senate should look at FHA so they can benefit from Federal Government’s allocations yearly.”- Senator Francis Alimikhena. “We are here because Nigerians voted for us so we have to try our best to be as transparent as possible.”- Senate President, Dr. Ahmad Lawan. “I commend the Chairman for doing a very good job and the Senate is pleased with what you have done and grateful. We are here to make very positive difference in the lives of Nigerians. We want to make our country better through legislations.”- Senate President, Dr. Ahmad Lawan. “I also want to say that our Committees will be the ones to flesh this agenda. The task before our Committees is for them to sit down and look at the challenges in the sectors they oversight and come up with an idea of possible legislative intervention.”- Senate President, Dr. Ahmad Lawan. “We must ensure we eliminate the number of out of school children on the streets. We must face the reality of making our economy work for the people. We need our graduates to have some functionality, they should be able to perform on the capacity they have.”- Senate President, Dr. Ahmad Lawan. “The current number of agencies of government is simply too much and totally unnecessary. We don’t have resources, instead of spending so much on agencies that do not have value we should eliminate them.”- Senate President, Dr. Ahmad Lawan. “Electoral reforms should be continuous, we should do something about consumer credit ; Nigerians are supposed to buy houses and cars in installments to eradicate corruption.”-Senate President, Dr. Ahmad Lawan. “I am sure our agenda is now set, we have to flesh up the intervention agenda that affects the oversight and ask the MDAs for their roadmaps.”- Senate President, Dr. Ahmad Lawan. ADJOURNMENT Senate Leader moved that all items on the order paper be stood down to another legislative day. Minority Leader seconded. Plenary is adjourned to Wednesday, 2nd October 2019. #GavelBangs Signed New Media Department Office of the President of the Senate Federal Republic of Nigeria

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